Berkeley DB, DB File on multiple platforms 
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 Berkeley DB, DB File on multiple platforms

This might be a stupid question and if the answer is FAQed
somewhere, point me there but this is driving some new
Perl folks crazy.

Are the databases created with Berkeley DB and DB_File from
Perl platform-dependent?   We are using the latest version
of Berkeley DB (10.171 from Sleepycat) and Perl 5.005_02.
On SGI machines, the databases created from a text to dbm
perl script are 16K for a simple example, on a PC running
Solaris, the same script, Berkeley DB and Perl 5.005_03
creates a 40K DB.  The solaris created db cannot be
manipulated on the SGIs and vice versa.

Any suggestions that we might be overlooking?


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Mon, 05 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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