Perl line numbers vs Apache error_log reported numbers? 
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 Perl line numbers vs Apache error_log reported numbers?


Whenever I see a line number in my Apache error_log file, the actual
Perl script line number can be as much as 100 lines different. Trying to
find lines with problem is hit and miss. I have sometimes had to go to
the extreme of printing the actual line numbers to STDERR so that it
shows in the error_log and narrowing down the actual offending line by
adding more and more print statements.

Why are the line numbers in error_log so far off and is there a way to
sync them with the actual Perl script? Is there an option to have the
error_log writing routing print the entire line so that you could at
least do a text search on some uncommon part of it?

Perl 5.005_02 built for aix 4.3.2/rs6000
Apache 1.3.6

Thank you,


Mon, 28 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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