HTML::Element::Table, HTML::Element bug 
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 HTML::Element::Table, HTML::Element bug

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> Matthew,

> I saw your posting to clpm and downloaded HTML::Element::Table.  It is very
> nice and certainly much better than what I had been using.

Thanks...glad you like it.

> One thing I noticed is that the text in the table cells as it comes out
> of as_HTML() is encoded for HTML entities.  I haven't looked at your code
> too much, but presumably there are internal reasons for doing this.

Yup.  This is an annoying "feature" of the HTML::Element class.
HTML::Element uses HTML::Entities (or misuses) when it processes
text data in the as_HTML() method.  For simple text content,
it first processes the text with the following call:


If I understand encode_entities(), when you pass it a character
list the method limits encoding to only those characters.
Thus, in the case of HTML::Element, it becomes impossible
to ever have a "&code;" in your HTML stream.  If you pass the
literal character code (such as \240 for &nbsp;), then the
actual character is placed in the HTML stream, which is not
necessarily what you want.

It's a combination of misuse and hand holding that I'm not
particularly happy with.

>   $t = new HTML::Element::Table(maxrow => $total_rows+4, maxcol => $total_cols) ;
>   $t->cell(0,0)->replace_content("<a href=/some/page.html></a>") ;
>   $output = $t->as_HTML() ;

I recommend using HTML::AsSubs to accomplish this.  With that, the
replace_content line becomes:

   $t->cell(0,0)->replace_content(a({href => "/some/page.html"}));

Passing literal HTML will not work, unfortunately.  On the plus side,
however, if you've been manipulating an HTML::Element tree, you can
just pass the element tree directly in:

   $e = a({href => "/some/page.html"}); # pretend its complex

> Then again, maybe there is a good reason for not doing this
> that I am overlooking.

A necessary and annoying reason, if not a good one.  One might
take the purist stance and say "HTML::Element or bust", but
personally I find it convenient many times to pass some literal
HTML into my output stream.  Disallowing control sequences
in HTML element trees seems like a bug to me.

Matt Sisk

Mon, 16 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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