DBI/DBD::Oracle and NT 
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 DBI/DBD::Oracle and NT

I am using PERL5.004_02 DBI and DBD on NT4.0 and I can get the DBD::ODBC
to work just fine, but the DBD::Oracle gives me the following error
C:\perl\scripts\dbi>perl dbi.pl
install_driver(Oracle) failed: Can't find loadable object for module

site .) at (eval 1) line 2

Perhaps DBD::Oracle was statically linked into a new perl binary.
In which case you need to use that new perl binary.
        DBI::install_driver('DBI', 'Oracle') called at
C:\PERL\lib\site/DBI.pm l
ine 323
        DBI::connect('DBI', 'dbi:Oracle:webtest', 'robmoral/robmoral',
'', 'HASH
(0x74342c)') called at dbi.pl line 9

I know this sounds stupid, but I have to ask. Normally I install the
modules I download by simply copying them to the appropriate location in
my perl directory. This method has worked for everything I have done in
perl minus the DBD::Oracle.
I keep seeing references to compiling perl, but not with NT, just unix.
Can someone please tell me if any of the recompiling info I see written
ever relates to NT. I was (still am) under the impression that the
"statically linked" line from above doesn't quite apply to NT?
Or maybe someone has a pointer to a solid source of information. I've
check the perl ring, newsgroups, and perl doc to no avail (plus bought
lots of books).



Sat, 26 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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