ANNOUNCE Mail::Bulkmail 2.04 
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 ANNOUNCE Mail::Bulkmail 2.04

Mail::Bulkmail v2.04 is immediately available at http://www.*-*-*.com/
jimandkoka/perl and should be making its way towards a CPAN mirror near
you in the very near future.

The big change in Mail::Bulkmail 2.04 adds the "log_full_line" method to
log the full "line" of information when using a mailmerge.  For example,
given a line of

Mail::Bumail 2.04 can log either simply the email address or the full
arrayref as defined above.

Otherwise, see the handy dandy nifty wonderful read me for v2.00 and the
extensive pod documentation within the module.  I've obviously decided to
spend my time working on my actual code and *real* documentation instead
of the read me files.

Full changes for v2.04

2.04  Tues Aug 29, 2000
        - Added log_full_line flag.  See 'log_full_line', above.
        - Trusting is now more trusting.
        - Domains can once again be banned.
        - Error checking is done less often and in a slightly different
       order now
        - ->bulkmail now returns 1 on success.  Doh.
        - Fixed an annoyingly subtle bug with construction
       of dynamic messages
        - Repaired a long-standing bug in the docs.

-Jim Thomason

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