ANN: Win32::RASE v.1.00 - managing dialup entries and network connections on Win32 
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 ANN: Win32::RASE v.1.00 - managing dialup entries and network connections on Win32

Hello guys,
I'm going to send few announcement today, the stuff itself was ready for some time but only today I've managed to put it all together and to make changes on my site. Please tell me if something is not working for you. v.1.00

      This module implements the client part of Win32 RAS API. It provides methods for creating, changing, managing RAS-phonebook/DialUp-Networking entries, managing user's credentials, dialing, hang-up, monitoring the connection status and dinamically assigned IP addresses. This module also provides an access to some TAPI related stuff - enumerating country codes, remote access devices,
managing locations.

      There still is some lack of high-level functions like autodialing and some others that were implemented in Win32::DUN. But Win32::RASE is the correct way to do dial-up related things and Win32::DUN is now considered to be obsoletted.

      Look at the really huge POD docs for the complete explanations and use for quick start.

      The tarball distribution is prepared to be installed in a usual CPAN-compliant manner.

      This module requires:

Win32::API module by Aldo Calpini. 1.014 or later by Byron Brummer (aka Zenin)
Time::HiRes (0.18 or later) by Douglas E. Wegscheid makes work more precise.

Mike Blazer


Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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