Need a schedule timer... 
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 Need a schedule timer...

Hi Guys and Girls:-),

I am a bit "green" with Perl and would like some advice.

I wish to have a perl program run on a Linux box which
will do the following:

1.  Read in a time schedule from a file.

2.  The time schedule runs to  a 7 day "plan"
    based on the day of the week rather than
    on a specific date.  This is specified in the file.
    Events and times may be the same for each
    week day but could be different for some or all
    days of the week.

    A maximum of 24 events would be needed
    per 24 hour period with each event being able
    to control up to 10 different "ports" or output

3.  An event could be switching on a light or telling
    an application to play a file to one of up to 10
    audio/video devices (In this case it will be used
    to schedule playing to a multimedia device.).

3. When playing a file to an A/V device the program
    must also be able to read a selection of files listed
    in a seperate file or generate a list of available
    files by reading files placed in a specific directory.


Tuesday:  10:30 Play <file_no1> to device no. 2
                 and send title of <file_no1> to an on screen
                 display (File name or name read in fom a file
                 containing the names of the file or titles)

                10:30 Play file_no3 to device no 1
                and send title....(Repeat as above)

Wednesday:  14:45 Play <file_no3> to an....
                      (Same as above)

Now I am not asking any one to do this for me (Not for
free anyway) but I would like to know if it is possible
without to much trouble while learning a bit about
Perl in the process.

Looking at the perl modules on CPAN it would seem that there
are several programs that can be used to find the day of the
week based on the date - so far so good.

There are also modules to read directory content to get a list of
files in a directory.

Even getting the timer schedules read in should not be hard.

Where I have got "stuck" is in how to aproach the "event"
scheduling.  Are there modules for that sort of
task? (I have not found any)

It is also unclear to me what type of structure should
be used in the schedule file.  I think a basic coma delimited
row by column approach would seem a good idea (Like a
spread sheet).  This will also enable a relatively easy
way of building a web page to enter the events
and output "channels" of the events

I hope this is not to big a "mouthful" to ask here.

Please let me know if this is an appropriate task for Perl - people
are telling me it is a "piece of cake" but being "green" makes
it a bit harder to know if this is the right path.

Thanks in advance


I can be contacted here: a n t h o n y w a t b i g p o n d
d o t n e t d o t a u (No spam mail here please)

Mon, 19 Sep 2005 23:03:08 GMT  
 Need a schedule timer...
On Fri, 04 Apr 2003 01:03:08 +1000, "Tony"


>Where I have got "stuck" is in how to aproach the "event"
>scheduling.  Are there modules for that sort of
>task? (I have not found any)

You can use the Event module for scheduling events--you can schedule
events with its timers.  With Event you can keep a script running in
the background which will wake up when the timer tells it to.

Myron Turner

Myron Turner

Tue, 20 Sep 2005 12:43:43 GMT  
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