ANNOUNCE: Net::InstantMessenger AOL/TOC module 
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 ANNOUNCE: Net::InstantMessenger AOL/TOC module

This message is an announcement of the forthcoming
Net::InstantMessenger module, which implements the TOC protocol as
described in the TiK AIM client distribution.  

Net::InstantMessenger (name not completely decided at this point) has
an OO interface to sending data to the AIM server, and implements
receiving messages from the server and from an arbitrary number of
user-supplied sockets/filehandles through a select loop and individual
callback functions.

This module will, I hope, provide the basis for a powerful new set of
perl-based AIM clients, "protocol bridges," and other programs that
communicate with the AIM TOC servers.

Any comments should be addressed to this newsgroup and to me
personally.  Those wishing to help test the module before its release
should contact me directly by e-mail.  I will probably be releasing
daily updates to the module for the next week, and any help in finding
bugs or improving the interface would be appreciated.

Riad Wahby


Mon, 23 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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