ANNOUNCE: Text::Vpp 0.1 BETA release 
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 ANNOUNCE: Text::Vpp 0.1 BETA release


I've just uploaded the Beta release of Text::Vpp.

The distribution file should propagate to your favorite CPAN site in the
next few days.

I propose to change the descriptive line in the module list with:

::Vpp          bdpO  Versatile text pre-processor                 DDUMONT

You may find this module useful if you want to pre-preprocess text.
Vpp understands if, else, elsif, endif, include and can substitute variables
in the text. (See the test files in the distribution)

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

BETA exit criteria:
- When some peoples (well, say 10 guys) tell me that they've used it
  and did not find major bug with the module or minor problems with the

Finally, I'd like to thank Helmut Jarausch for his bug report and the patch
he provided.

Share and enjoy.


Fri, 09 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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