ANNOUNCE - Tie::RangeHash v0.60 released 
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 ANNOUNCE - Tie::RangeHash v0.60 released

    Tie::RangeHash - Implements "range hashes" in Perl

    `Tie::RangeHash' is written for and tested on Perl 5.6.0.

    It uses only standard modules.

    Changes since Tie::RangeHash v0.52

    0.60 10 Jul 2001
        - added 'fetch_key' method
        - fixed bug with multiple separators warning using array refs as keys
        - corrected tests to require current version, not 0.51
        - minor code tweaks for consistency
        - uses Test::Harness for tests
        - tests no longer use Time::HiRes
        - added tests for object-oriented interface
        - removed randomized test for now

      use Tie::RangeHash;

      tie %hash, 'Tie::RangeHash';

      $hash{'A,C'} = 1;
      $hash{'D,F'} = 2;
      $hash{'G,K'} = 3;

      $hash{'E'};           # returns '2'
      $hash{'BB'};          # returns '1'

      $hash{'KL'};          # returns nothing ('undef')

    There is also an object-oriented interface:

      $hash = new Tie::RangeHash;

      $hash->add('A,C', 1);
      $hash->add('G,I', 2);

      $hash->fetch('H');    # returns '2'

    This module allows hashes to associate a value with a *range* of
    rather than a single key.

    More detailed descriptions are available in the documentation and


  It should show up soon at a CPAN mirror near you in as:


Sun, 28 Dec 2003 11:38:01 GMT  
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