ANNOUNCE: Tutorial # 38: A CGI script incorporating a pop-up window 
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 ANNOUNCE: Tutorial # 38: A CGI script incorporating a pop-up window

My screaming hordes of fans and admirers (Hi mom!) have been clamouring for more comments in these humble little tuts, so this one
(in particular), and the next, are well endowed.

o Using various JavaScript event handlers, onBlur, onClick and onSubmit
o Using Perl to specify the JavaScript to run when a link is clicked
o Using JavaScript to open a new browser window when a link is clicked
o Using JavaScript to run a script when a new browser window is opened
o Using Perl and JavaScript to pass parameters to the script in the window
o Using JavaScript to set the focus, and hence the cursor, to specific
 fields when the script runs and when a popup window is opened
o Using JavaScript's autovivified array 'elements' to read out the
 values of fields within a form
o Using JavaScript to validate a field when focus leaves that field.
 In production quality code, you always assume such validation has
 been circumvented, and repeat the validation on the server side
o Using the JavaScript function 'replace', which corresponds to Perl's
 s/old string/new string/
o Using the JavaScript functions 'escape' and 'unescape', which,
 for example, encode CRLF into %0D%0A and back
o Using the 'elements' array to pass data back from the popup window to
 the main window
o Demonstrate how to design a script which can neatly display database
 records, and can let the user edit fields in one record at a time

Hit: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Ron  Savage


Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:42:02 GMT  
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