Availability of PlRPC in Perl 5.6 
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 Availability of PlRPC in Perl 5.6

I installed perl 5.6 from activeState (on WinNT).
I used PPM to install the DBI & DBD-ODBC packages.
When I try to use DBD-Proxy it implies that I don't have the PlRPC
package installed.
When I installed perl 5.5 then I had to install the PlRPC and Net-Daemon
I am presuming that these two packages have not been ported to perl 5.6.
Is this true? If so is there a work-around?
I tried to let them build from cpan and got errors reporting that
perlCRT.dll was not found.
Am I pulling the wrong versions of these packages from CPAN?
I a pretty sure that perlCRT.dll hasn't been used for at least the 5.5

Tue, 17 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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