Opendir fails via perlis.dll 
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 Opendir fails via perlis.dll

I'm new to this perl thing, but I'm doing all right (so far, at

I'm working on scripts to be executed via the browser (e.g.; cgi

My script has an "opendir" step that fails - I don't understand
why. The WWW_USER account has READ permissions to the directory
in question in both the MS-IIS setup and in NT, and the script
runs fine when executed directly (e.g.; not via the browser).

As an attempt at troublesolving I tried writing a very simple
script to open the directory...when run through the browser it
always dies (with no error to the PerlErr.log). If I execute the
script directly it works fine.

  My "Simple" script (which really should work) lives at
c:\inetsrv\cgi\ It reads:

        opendir (mydir, "./testdir")||die ("Unable to Open");

  My result is:

        "Unable to Open at C;\inetsrv\cgi\ line 1."

To further troubleshoot, I logged onto the server (via the
console) as the WWW_USER (since that login must have local logon
permissions). While logged in as that user I can (successfully)
run the script directly...which leads me to think it's a bug in

Has anyone else experienced problems with opendir via perlis.dll
(e.g.; can you confirm this a bug in the perlis.dll) or am I
alone on this island of difficulty?

Suggestions are certainly appreciated.


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Wed, 06 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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