Callback 1.03 released - now supports serialization. 
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 Callback 1.03 released - now supports serialization.

Callback to add support for serialization.  Method invocation
callbacks can now be stored on disk.

You can find the new version at:



    Callback - object interface for function callbacks

            use Callback;

    Callback provides a standard interface to register callbacks. Those
    callbacks can be either purely functional (i.e. a function call with
    arguments) or object-oriented (a method call on an object).

    When a callback is constructed, a base set of arguments can be provided.
    These function arguments will preceed any arguments added at the time
    the call is made.

    There are two forms for the callback constructor, depending on whether
    the call is a pure functional call or a method call. The rule is that if
    the first argument is an object, then the second argument is a method
    name to be called on that object. Method resolution happens at the time
    the Callback object is built: an error will be raised if it cannot be

    Callback objects built for object-oriented calls also have the property
    of being serializable via Storable. Purely functional callabacks are not
    serializable because CODE references are not supported by Storable.


    If you're writing a debugging routine that provides a stack-dump (for
    example, Carp::confess) it is useful to know where a callback was

            my $ct = 0;
            while (($package, $file, $line, $subname, $hasargs, $wantarray) = caller($i++)) {

                if ($subname eq 'Callback::call') {
                    print "callback registered $Callback::callbackTrace[$ct]\n";

    Without such code, it becomes very hard to know what's going on.

    Copyright (C) 1994, 2000, David Muir Sharnoff. All rights reserved.
    License hearby granted for anyone to use this module at their own risk.




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