I am looking for modules or programs that do these things, please help me? 
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 I am looking for modules or programs that do these things, please help me?

First, I am not a programmer but need several things to finish an
online course that my students can use. I don't know where to find
these things and need help. Can you tell me where to find perl
programs or something similar that can help me finish my course up

Here it goes...

1.      I need a registration page for my students that stores their data
and keeps it in a special folder.

2.      I need a program that automatically sends my registered students a
password and gives them access to our course.

4.      I need a program that tracks my students through my course and when
they log on and off automatically takes them back to where they left

5.      I need a program that automatically grades each of the seven course
quizzes and passes them on to the next section if they get all the
answers right. Also, if they miss questions, it will show them what
they missed and not let them pass to the next section.  ALSO, if they
don't pass the quiz, they will have to re-read the section and take a
different test until they pass.

6.      I need a program to administer a final exam and inform my students
of their score. If they pass, they need to be informed that they have

7.      I need each of my student's information to be stored in a folder
that has all of their information in it so that we can keep accurate
records of them.

Thank you for helping me...


Sun, 18 Apr 2004 00:24:18 GMT  
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