RFC: HTML::FileDiff -- display diff of two files in HTML 
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 RFC: HTML::FileDiff -- display diff of two files in HTML

There are various utilities available that will display the output of
diff between two files in HTML.  Surprisingly, I can't find any in
Perl or, more specifically, one that is a Perl module.  It's a rather
simple thing to do so I'm proposing to do it and I'd like somebody to
stop me if they really have seen one before! :-)

marked as under construction, this post is cc'd to Ian.

The module will initially use a ``unified diff'' so that line adds and
deletes are presented together, rather than in the before/after
context that diff normally provides.  I believe this also makes GNU
`diff' a requirement because I believe that only GNU `diff' has a
unified diff option.


    HTML::FileDiff -- highlight differences between two files in HTML

    $differ = HTML::FileDiff->new (...);

    $differ->diff ($file_handle, $file1, $file2, ...);
    $differ->diff (\$scalar, $file1, $file2, ...);
    $differ->page ($file_handle, $file1, $file2, ...);
    $differ->page (\$scalar, $file1, $file2, ...);

    $differ->doctype ('<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN">');
    $differ->diff_u ('diff -u');
    $differ->body_bgcolor (undef);
    $differ->unchanged_color ('#000000');
    $differ->original_color ('#0000ff');
    $differ->changed_color ('#00ff00');
    $differ->context (20);
      # list of configuration values not complete yet, suggestions welcome

   `HTML::FileDiff->new' returns an object containing the default
   values for subsequent calls to diff or page.

   `diff' generates an HTML rendering of the differences between two
   files.  The rendering will contain one `PRE' element (i.e. starting
   with a `<PRE>' tag and ending with `</PRE>', with the file
   differences between) that can be inserted into other elements or

   `page' generates an HTML page using `diff'.  The page will contain
   a document type declaration, a title, and a section header noting
   the files being diffed.

   If passed a `$file_handle', `diff' and `page' will write output to
   that file handle.  If passed a reference to a scalar, `diff' and
   `page' will append to the scalar.

   The arguments to `new' or calls to change configuration values
   override the built-in defaults (given above in the SYNOPSIS).  The
   argument(s) to `new' or the extra argument(s) to `diff' and `page'
   are either a single hash or a list of key-value pairs containing
   values to override.  For example,

       $my_defaults = { body_bgcolor => '#ffffff', context => 10000 };
       $differ = HTML::FileDiff->new ($my_defaults);


       $differ = HTML::FileDiff->new (body_bgcolor => '#ffffff',
                                      context => 10000);

   The extra arguments to `diff' or `page' apply only to that call.

  Ken MacLeod

Sat, 02 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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