Docs for user subroutine facility? 
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 Docs for user subroutine facility?

I have used the usub facility to crate a perl interface to the HPIB
interface on
our HP-UX system. It seems to work OK but I am a bit worried about doing
things I
do not understand.

I could not find any documentation about this except the curses example in the
usub directory.  Is there any other documenation? I would like to know how I am
supposed to access parameters, how to return (array) values, how memory
management is done, how to handle errors, etc?

Does anyone have any relevant info?

Thanks in advance,

Arne Lundberg

European Space Technology Centre, Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 1719 84865, Fax: +31 1719 12142, Telex: 39098

Tue, 09 Feb 1993 00:33:40 GMT  
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