Sending mail under Cygwin using Mail::Send perl module 
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 Sending mail under Cygwin using Mail::Send perl module


I coundn't find where is the group for Cygwin, so sorry for posting my
question here.

I need to send mail from programs under Cygwin, Mail::Send perl module
fine for me in Linux. So, I hope it works under Cygwin's perl too.

But when I run the attached perl program --, the text just be
printed on the STDOUT, which should be sent to the recipients.

Can anyone out there can teach me, how can I solve this. Or, point me
that it is impossible to do it by my solution.

---following is my

use Mail::Send;

$mail = new Mail::Send;

$mail->subject('do you prefer fish?');

$mh = $mail->open;
while (<>) {
        print $mh $_;



Sun, 27 Nov 2005 18:52:17 GMT  
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