MacPerl sockets in my HTTP server 
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 MacPerl sockets in my HTTP server

I have written a perl script that handles HTTP/1.0 protocol - the script
works fine on Unix and I have ported it to the Mac (in fact I only had to
change the End Of Line character) , but on the Mac I have a problem when
the socket is closed.  MacWeb just loses the last bit of data, Netscape
reports a lost socket connection.

I put a sleep of 2 seconds before the close - this allows MacWeb to
display all the data, but Netscape still reports the same error (obviously
2 seconds later).

If I run the script on Unix both the Mac clients are happy, so if anyone
has experience of using sockect in MacPerl 4.1.8 and can help please get
in touch.




Mon, 08 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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