DTD2HTML NOW AVAILABLE (was Re: SGML DTD navigation ...) 
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 DTD2HTML NOW AVAILABLE (was Re: SGML DTD navigation ...)

dtd2html is now available (or will be soon) at the following locations:

    http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jollie/dtd2html/

    and at ftp.utdallas.edu once a Web page is written for it.

More may get added over time.  I'd like to setup a standard mechanism
for providing later versions (if any) to published.

There are 2 files in the distribution:

        Tar file containing the distribution of dtd2html and
        other related tools and files.

        Tar file of DTDs processed with dtd2html, and sample
        output from dtdtree.

Thanks to those willing to archive the files.  All locations listed
above are subject to change without notice.

If there are any bug/comments/suggestions about dtd2html and related
tools, please drop me a message.

    Earl Hood                |   CONVEX Computer Corporation

    Phone: (214) 497-4387    |   P.O. Box 833851
    FAX: (214) 497-4500      |   Richardson, TX  75083-3851

Mon, 28 Oct 1996 06:01:26 GMT  
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