ANNOUNCE: Perl SGML/HTML/Mosaic/Frame MIF tools 
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 ANNOUNCE: Perl SGML/HTML/Mosaic/Frame MIF tools

A collection of Perl tools dealing with SGML, HTML, Mosaic, and Frame
MIF is available at the following URL:


Here is brief list of what is available:
          A Perl library to extract the structure defined by an SGML DTD.
          A Perl program to generate an HTML document to allow people to
          navigate through the structure of an SGML DTD.
          Generate content hierarchy trees of SGML elements.
          A Perl program to generate an HTML document to allow people to
          navigate throught the structure of a FrameBuilder element
          A Perl program to convert a Mosaic hotlist to an HTML document.
          A Perl program to generate a home pages index of all user home
          pages on a machine. Allows the automation of users adding their
          own home page to a Web server.
          Another manpage to HTML filter with a few extra twists.
          A Perl program to convert mail messages in mail folders to
          HTML. An index file is created, linking to all messages
          A Perl library to parse Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF).
          A Perl program to sort a Mosaic hotlist.

If you like any of the tools, drop me a message.  This will tell me
if it is still worth the effort to work on the tools for public use.

    Earl Hood                |   CONVEX Computer Corporation

    Phone: (214) 497-4387    |   P.O. Box 833851
    FAX: (214) 497-4500      |   Richardson, TX  75083-3851

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