Why doesn't this work? 
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 Why doesn't this work?


>Why doesn't this work?

>  $output .= $value;
>  print "\033]2;$output\007";
>  sleep 1;
>If I add a \n to the print statment then it works fine!!  What is


It does work, just not character-by-character, because stdio is
buffered and the word wont appear 'til the buffer is flushed,
(in this case at the end of the script). Try setting $|=1 for the
desired effect.



Wed, 16 Jul 1997 23:55:00 GMT  
 Why doesn't this work?
: Why doesn't this work?
: #!/usr/local/bin/perl

:   $output .= $value;
:   print "\033]2;$output\007";
:   sleep 1;
: }
: If I add a \n to the print statment then it works fine!!  What is
: happening?

Your pipes need to be piping hot. By default, all output and input is

Try setting $|=1 at the beginning of the script, or preferably just before
that section. You generally want to set $|=1 only for sections that
require direct unbuffered output to the screen such as this; make sure it
is turned off after with $|=0 or your file i/o will suffer.  
Hope this helps.


Thu, 17 Jul 1997 10:58:35 GMT  
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