Perl Gtk Tool Tips (show on some widgets, not others) 
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 Perl Gtk Tool Tips (show on some widgets, not others)

I'm using Gtk with Perl 5 (and I don't know C or C++, so I don't have the
background to deal with this on that level).

I'm using subroutines to create a window with buttons and a notebook, then
to add pages to that notebook.  I can generate tooltips for some widgets,
not for others.  Here is a simplified version of the code:



sub makewindow {
        my $window = new Gtk::Window("toplevel");
        #Code here to set up window properties
        my $tooltips->new Gtk::Tooltips;

        my $notebook = new Gtk::Notebook;
        #code here to create notebook, but NOT add tabs yet

        return $window,$notebook,$tooltips;


sub AddNotebookPage1 {

        #Here I add a Fixed with a number of labels and combos to
        #the notebook, including the one below, $combo01
        my $combo01 = new Gtk::Combo();
        $tooltips->set_tip($combo01,"This is a combo tool tip");


Any widgets I create in makewindow have no problem with getting tooltips.  I
have 5 buttons in a button box, and there's no trouble creating tooltips.  
I tried moving the window creation code to the main subroutine, and passing
$tooltips as a parameter to makewindow, and I could still add tooltips to
the buttons, but I CANNOT add any tooltips to the combos in the notebook
page, no matter what.

Is this because the comobo widgets are in a notebook and in a contianer
nested several levels within the window, or is it because of something
strange not getting passed in a subroutine?  How can I add tooltips to the
combo widgets in the notebook pages?

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.


Tue, 23 Nov 2004 00:57:54 GMT  
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