tkperl5a4 dumping core on menu calls 
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 tkperl5a4 dumping core on menu calls


>Hello all,

>I'm running tkperl5a4 under perl5b2 on a SunOS 4.3.1 system.

>Everything works great except for menu buttons, which dump
>core with a segmentation fault on a mouse down event.

Look at PathnameToWref() in util.c. Remove the line
    static char class[256] = "::_";
and change the lines
    winPtr = (TkWindow *) Tk_NameToWindow(tclinterp, pathname, mainwin);
    strcpy(class + 3, winPtr->classUid);
    return NewWidgetRef(pathname, GvHV(gv_fetchpv(class, FALSE, SVt_PVHV)));
    return NewWidgetRef(pathname, gv_stashpv(winPtr->classUid, FALSE));



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Sat, 15 Mar 1997 02:27:32 GMT  
 tkperl5a4 dumping core on menu calls
        Uh...  this fix works...  but still core dumps is the
        menutest window is killed after a menu selection was made.

        If the "Exit" was used,  it's ok... no core dumps.


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Sun, 16 Mar 1997 05:48:04 GMT  
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