"panicanal": vmunix panic analyzer 
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 "panicanal": vmunix panic analyzer

The following is a first-cut attempt Perl script at parsing panic dump
output.  The script accepts a filename argument, defaulting to
/var/adm/messages, and scans the file for "vmunix: panic:" messages.  If
there is any subsequent traceback listing, they are listed along with
the symbolic addresses and instructions at those locations using adb
queries on the kernel code.

A really clever script would even attempt to parse the arg lists and
show the values at the corresponding addresses, but this script isn't
that one (yet).


     Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering (CCSE)
          University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
           3111 Engineering I, Santa Barbara, CA 93106

============================= cut here ===================================
#!/bin/perl -s
# panic{*filter*}[-i] [file]
# $Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 1992/09/02 19:06:10 $

# Do analysis of vmunix panic's as written in file (default is
# /var/adm/messages).
# If -a given, do all dumps, otherwise, interact with the user
# If STDOUT is not a tty, assume -a.
$all = $a unless $all;
$dumpfile = '/var/adm/messages' unless $dumpfile = shift;
die "$dumpfile doesn't exist" unless -f $dumpfile;

$interact = $all ? '' : -t;

open(DUMP,$dumpfile) || die "Can't read $dumpfile because $!\n";
$defans = 'n';                          # initial default answer is 'no'
while (<DUMP>) {
    next unless /vmunix: panic:/;
    ($mon, $day, $time, $host, $what) = split(' ');
    $thispanic = $1 if s/^(.* vmunix: )//;# strip leader
    $what = $1 if /panic: (.*)/;

    $begin = 0;
    while (<DUMP>) {
        last unless s/^$thispanic//;    # quit when no more data
        $begin++ if /Begin traceback\.\.\./;

        last if /End traceback\.\.\./;
    next unless $begin;                 # don't analyze without a traceback
    if ($interact) {                    # talk to user?
        print "\nPanic: \"$what\" on $mon $day at $time, analyze (ynq)? [$defans]";
        exit unless $ans = <STDIN>;
        $ans = $defans unless $ans;
        $defans = $ans;                 # new default
        exit     if !index('quit',$ans);
        next unless !index('yes',$ans);


close DUMP;

sub analyze {

    $addr = '';
    $tmp = "/tmp/$$.anal";
    open(TMP,">$tmp") || die "Can't open $tmp because $!\n";

        printf "%s\n",$_;
        next unless /Called from ([0-9a-f]+),/ || /pc=0x([0-9a-f]+),/;
        $addr = $1;
        print TMP "$addr?i\n";

    close TMP;
    open(ADB,"adb /vmunix < $tmp|") || die "Can't open pipe from adb because $!\n";
    while (<ADB>) {
        next if /^\s*$/;

        if (!/text address not found/) {
            ($symaddr,$instr) = ($1,$2) if /^([^:]+:)\s+(.*)/;
            printf "%s: %-30s %s\n",$addr,$symaddr,$instr;
    close ADB;
    unlink $tmp;


Mon, 20 Feb 1995 04:18:03 GMT  
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