Wierd Linux chat2.pl problem with sockname 
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 Wierd Linux chat2.pl problem with sockname

I just finally *solved* (YAY) a wierd chat2.pl problem.  
This probably only applies to Linux users (I'm 1.1.18) who use
perl 4pl036 or thereabouts.

The problem was that any attempts to "chat'open_port(...)" would
raise an error with bind:
        Cannot assign requested address

After a couple of hours of man page reading, twiddling, etc., I figured
out that the assignment to $thisproc, which is used by chat's bind
routine to give a socket a name, should change from
        $thisproc = pack($sockaddr, 2, 0, $thisaddr);
        $thisproc = pack($sockaddr, 2, $thisaddr);

Can anyone explain why this is so?  Is Linux's socket.h broken?
And why am I still getting
        chat'close: Bad file number

Any clues on the {*filter*} issue would be appreciated, mail or news.



Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:32:59 GMT  
 Wierd Linux chat2.pl problem with sockname

>And why am I still getting
>    chat'close: Bad file number

I also suffer from this.  The program I learned how to use chat from
ignored the possibility of error messages from chat'close, and now I do
the same.  I use Solaris something which calls itself SunOS 5.3 and also
SunOS 4.1.3

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Tue, 26 Nov 1996 06:24:17 GMT  
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