How to find pattern in pattern (newbie Q)? 
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 How to find pattern in pattern (newbie Q)?

Hello there,
I'm just newbie in Perl. Could anyone help me in the following subject:
I need to search through the file of patterns (e.g. [fpt]r[^y].jkl)
whether they overlap or not, i.e. does any pattern contain another
pattern or part of another pattern (overlap length > limit_set_by_me).
What is the better way to do it?
It seems that searching of patterns could be done in scalars but not
in patterns, but I'm not sure because of my limited Perl experience.
P.S. Sorry if the question seems unclear; I'm accessible via e-mail

my-quwestion (;-( )
P.P.S. If possible, do not use Perl5-specific operators; I haven't
yet Perl5 for PC!
Andrei Gabrielian

Fri, 29 Aug 1997 19:19:25 GMT  
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