Wanted: chat2.pl library or synonomous stuff 
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 Wanted: chat2.pl library or synonomous stuff

I am looking for an expect/receive type library for a modem control
perl script.  I was told chat2.pl does this.  Where can I find it
(my distribution didn't come with it I am fairly sure), or could somebody
mail me it?  I have ftp access.  Sorry if this post is in the wrong group.
Should I have posted in a sources.wanted type group?  I dunno.
        In any case, lemme legitimatize this by asking if there is a better
perl library for such things (i.e. looking for prompts with no terminating
newline, and with different last characters for the prompt (so no $/ kludges
or whatever)).
        Thank you greatly for your cooperation.
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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 07:17:42 GMT  
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