open2 fails with perl5 on HP-UX?? 
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 open2 fails with perl5 on HP-UX??

This seems very straightforward to me, but it doesn't work on my
HP (HP-UX 9.03) running perl5


require "";

$childPid = &open2('CHREAD','CHRWRITE',"dumb");
print "pid = $$, child = $childPid\n";

$in = <CHREAD>;
print $in;

print CHWRITE "foo\n";

$in = <CHREAD>;
print $in;


now here's "dumb"


print "output line 1\n";
$in = <STDIN>;
print "user typed $in\n";


so what gives?  It just hangs, never returning even the
first line.  if I take out the read ($in = <STDIN>) it
works fine, returning both lines of output.  the
dumb script works interactively.

I don't think this is a problem with open2 because I
spent a day trying to get my own version to work before
I even knew open2 existed and had exactly the same

is this a bug?  is there a way around it?  please mail
flames to

or post if of general interest.


Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:09:42 GMT  
 open2 fails with perl5 on HP-UX??

It would be a big help if anyone can confirm that those
scripts work as expected on _ANY_ system in _ANY_ version
of perl.  This behavior now exhibits itself on SunOS running
perl 4.0 and HP-UX running perl 5.000.  This is maddening.

What I would expect it to do is for my test (parent script)
to output:

> test

in = output line 1

in = user typed foo

that is, the child writes, reads and writes again.  instead
it hangs, the parent gets nothing unless I take out the child's
read.  Is this what's supposed to happen?


(please show me that this is a stupid newbie error).


Sun, 20 Apr 1997 08:02:13 GMT  
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