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 (2nd Try)

Subject: <<<GADZOOKS>>> There MUST Be A Way To Do It!!!
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c,comp.perl,comp.object
Organization: Morgan Hill/Gilroy, CA
Summary: Need Help In Finding A Solution To A Mailing Situation
Keywords: Auto-search Auto-reply/send email database Wais WWW
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Thank you in advance for your review and assistance if possible.

THE NEED: To receive an incoming email and auto-reply with a page
of instructions on how to retrieve certain pieces of info from a
(small local/custom) or Wais database, using predetermined codes
in the Subject and/or Message areas of a subsequent email.  

Database field/record data would then be auto-sent/returned as
email text (5K or less in size) so AOL, CIS & Prodigy people can
receive as well as Internet folks.  The data/text fields would
print in a pre-determined tabbed format in a the message.  

Once per week, an ASCII comma deliminated revised database file
would be uploaded into the server's Unix computer (via modem),
where a code routine would plug the upload data into the custom
(or Wais) database) on a total replace basis.

The desired objective of this small, local test application is to
still consider possibly using the same database configuration for
WWW access at some point down the line.  We are only talking about
10 or 15 fields of information, and only 150 initial records to
start with, but the number of records could grow over time.

Instead of having a separate flat database written in C, if somehow
the Wais database on my provider's IBM RS/6000/AIX could be used,
this would be great.  It could save time down the line for WWW
access as compared to a standalone db.  Unless a very no-brainer,
user friendly, menu driven, customizable program exists to meet the
need, it seems as if I still need C or Perl help to make it happen.

I had a local shool computer programming whiz who said (and so did
his teacher) he could write the necessary code in 3 hours or less.
He decided he didn't want to do it, and so I've made ump{*filter*} calls
trying to find someone experienced in C or Perl, Internet & email.  

Am I dreaming here?  I know enough basic to be dangerous, but must
humbly admit the steps needed here are beyond my s-t-r-e-t-c-h.  I
do have the info page done, the reply layout, etc. and what should
take place/vision, to include a log file of inquiries for personal
followup to key information request codes. <<All of the data query
calls via email Subject line or Comments section would have to be
parsed out & then some routine to search the database, do a sort &
make it all work>>.  Is this a fairy tale dream???

Ftpmail seemed promising, but...but, and this is where I'm stuck!
Who to call?  Who to help?  Someone said to try the newsgroups, so
here I am (brand new to Internet as you can probably tell).  Just
reading some of the technical responses to various postings has
made me humbly wonder how I ever made it through college years ago!

Thank you again for your kindness.  If you can help, I'd appreciate

Eric Hilding   (a/k/a "Garlic Breath")
P.O. Box 1700
Morgan Hill, CA 95038
*********************> Yes...I did gargle before sending this!!!!!!

Fri, 02 May 1997 10:03:04 GMT  
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