Work with VB, should work with Perl? 
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 Work with VB, should work with Perl?


I want to get rid of a VisualBasic written ActiveX dll used to perform
OLE Automation.  I was able to to 95% of the job using perl tough a
little glitch.  Maybe I'm to new to perl 5 to understand refs....

Anyway, the following snippet explain my problem:

This perl code is translated from a working vb function...

$AformAut = Win32::OLE->new('AFormAut.App') or  die $!;
$Fields = $AformAut->Fields;

    $i = 1;
    while ($i <= $maxPage) {
        $Field = $Fields->Add("Date".$i, "text", $i  - 1, 30, 30, 320, 50);
        # where the \ is going?
        $Field::TextFont = 'Arial';
        $Field::TextSize = 10;
        $Field::Value = $foo;
        $Field::IsReadOnly = 1;
        print $Field::Value;
    } continue {

The following piece of vb code is doing the job.

    If (bOK) Then
        Set AFormAut = CreateObject("AFormAut.App")
        Set Fields = AFormAut.Fields
    End If

        nMaxPage = AcroPDDoc.GetNumPages()
        For I = 1 To nMaxPage
          Set Field = Fields.Add("Date" & Trim(Str(I)), "text", I - 1, 30, 30, 320, 50)
          Field.TextFont = "Arial"
          Field.TextSize = "10"
          Field.Value = s_Note
          Field.IsReadOnly = True


The goal of this is to automate the management of PDF files, namely to
stamp each files (footer message) before putting it on-line for perusal
on our web site.


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