Difference between /PATTERN/ and ?PATTERN? (+ another pattern ?) 
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 Difference between /PATTERN/ and ?PATTERN? (+ another pattern ?)

I guess I'm missing something in the camel book, but I don't really get
the difference between /PATTERN/ and ?PATTERN?. Could somebody enlighten
me (possibly with relevant examples)?

Also, let me ask another pattern based question while I've got you reading
this. I'm playing with perl to process packets off the network. I get
these packets as a string. I want to filter certain packets in/out so I
am using the pattern matching stuff. The only thing is, packet data is
not necessarily based on 'lines'. A newline is just another byte. I would
like to do something like:

        $* = 1; # must match across newlines cuz they're not special
        if($packet =~ /^(.|\n){20}${value}/)...

And have the ^ mean "the beginning of the data" and NOT "the beginning of
any line". In other words, how do I insure that my pattern matches ONLY
at the beginning of my data and not somewhere in the middle?


 Art Mellor       : Cayman Systems Inc,  26 Landsdowne St,  Cambridge, MA 02139

Sun, 03 Apr 1994 05:51:31 GMT  
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