Perl under June Windows 95 Prerelease 
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 Perl under June Windows 95 Prerelease

I've been using both Perl-4.036 and Perl-5.001 under Windows 95 for  
several months.  Also it's worked find for cgi script with Website.

I upgraded Windows 95 and now I can't get either to work as a cgi script.  
Anybody else seen this problem or have any ideas.

The message I get from Website is "Shell C:\Apps\Perl-5.001\perl.exe does  
not exist or is not executable."  I've checked the registry, path in  
autoexec etc.

  Bill Southworth
  HarvardNET and Harvard Toolworks Inc.
  91 Ann Lee Road, Harvard MA 01451
  tel: 508 772-4420  fax: 508 772-4603

Mon, 19 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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