Using eval() for subroutine unwind 
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 Using eval() for subroutine unwind

The following snippet of code is a trivial example of how I am attempting to
use eval to support a level of indirection in a validation function.  
Essentially, I would like to be able to call the ValidateField subroutine from
another subroutine.  If the validation fails, I'd like to be able to have the
ValidateField routine force an immediate return _by the caller_.  E.g. in
this case, main calls TestVal calls ValidateField.  Iff validation fails, I'd
like for TestVal to return (without having to actually test any return values
directly with boolean logics).

I've tried several variations on this theme with no success.  This particular
attempt returns the following error message

  Bad label: _EVAL_ at (eval) line 1.

and the perl script terminates.  I need a 4.036 applicable solution, not just perl
5.0, since I'm also using and heavily entrenched in sybperl.

# ===================================================================
#  ValidateField : Validate the content of a required field.
# ===================================================================

sub ValidateField
    local($value, $segment, $fieldNumber, $fieldDescription);

    if ( $value eq "NULL" || $value eq "" )
        $message = "Required field $fieldNumber [$fieldDescription] for the "
                 . "$segment segment is null.";

        print $message, "\n";

        return 'return';



sub TestVal

    eval &ValidateField("$value", "ORC", 1, "set number");

    print "Still in TestVal\n";


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