i dont know what to do!! 
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 i dont know what to do!!


i have very interesting problem (about databases) -

in my base there are a lot of records but the 3rd record (in base it is nu
mber 2) is diffrent from others.

I can mark as deleted or undeleted all records but i cant do it with 3rd r
ecord ? what is wrong?

the 3rd record i suppose is frozen .

the next thing is that if i delete all records from database (and now there
will be no records in database ) and i put some new records (some 6 os 7 r
ecords - it doesn't matter how much, but it has to be more or equal than 3)
the 3rd record will be the same as i wrote higher (i cant mark him as unde
leted, it is still deleted and i cant change it)

I suppose that you understood my problem :)
I don't know how to resolve that.


Wed, 25 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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