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 split !!

Hello, I have run into a little trouble here.
I have a database, made up like the following:


Well, the split operation (a la split(/:/, $foobar)) works
quite nicely on this.  The trouble comes from the users here.

What if the use types in a : for part of his neato reply?
You guessed it! Ka-Boom.

I thought that I could do something like this:

print "Enter response: ";


print FILE $data.'\n';


Then to read it in:

This splits the lines appropriately, but there is a
character chopped off.

What I am looking for, is something like in lex:

[^\\]/: {split();}

Where the split will only be done if the perceading
character is not a \.

Any ideas?


Fri, 17 Feb 1995 01:22:31 GMT  
 split !!
If you can change the database file, you might want to use the $; char
as the field separator (generally bound to \034 or some such).  I've
change my database program (which uses dbm files so I don't care what
they look like) to use this instead of the ':' as originally intended
for this very reason.


Dave Steiner

uucp: ...{backbone site}!rutgers!bakerst.rutgers.edu!steiner

Sun, 19 Feb 1995 09:49:50 GMT  
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