Problems with mirror in Perl5? 
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 Problems with mirror in Perl5?

> Yes - a few strange: First there is a few "....$", where the "$" is
> unquoted, but after fixing this, I get some strange errors:

> Mirror tries to fetch several packages, and after a few packages, it
> starts to garble filenames, so that when it retrieve file A.Z it will
> be saved as B.gz - in a new name!! B is actually an old filename from
> one of the previous retrieved files. I have searched a little for the
> bug, but I have not found it so far!

> Perl-5.000, Solaris-2.3, all tests OK.

I'm running mirror 2.3, but on IRIX and SunOS 4.1.3, and get the
same problems.  It seems that on one-package mirroring, everything works
fine, but once the script tries the next package, the variables aren't
reset properly and old filenames are used as destinations for files
mirrored in the new package.

Unfortunately, I'm far from a perl expert, so if anyone has recoded
Mirror 2.3 to work seamlessly with perl5, please let me know.  If there
are diff changes to be made, I will post a summary.  Thanks in advance...


Sat, 03 May 1997 01:08:22 GMT  
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