MS-DOS tips and tricks 
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 MS-DOS tips and tricks

                          PERL MS-DOS TIPS AND TRICKS

   Here is the index of
   Last updated: Nov 10, 1994
   If you have access to WWW-clients, check index.html in this directory.


     * cbreak: CBREAK mode in MS-DOS ==== SAMPLE CODE ====
     * IOCTL
     * Replacement of #!perl in MS-DOS John Dallman

     * raw-input: raw input (keyboard)
     * serial-io-int86x: Discussion on serial I/O and int86x
     * usenet: various articles taken from Usenet newsgroup


Budi Rahardjo

Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Manitoba - Canada

Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:13:57 GMT  
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