Sample Server leaves defuncts... 
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 Sample Server leaves defuncts...

I have used the Ch6 sample internet server as the basis for a program that
accepts connections and performs a dialog with the user.   Users connect to
the server via telnet, provide some information, and quit (via a command).

The server forked-child-loop now looks like so:

... (fork) ...
while (<NS>) {
  local($i) = $_;
  if ($i =~ /^quit/i) {
    goto CLOSETHIS;
  else {
    ... do other things ...

  sub sub1 {
  sub subn {


print NS "Goodbye!\n";

Everything works great.  Multiple users are able to log on to the server,
transact, and log off leaving the created information.  However, during a test
run, I noticed that the children where becoming defunct when the user quit.

Help, please!


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Sat, 02 Apr 1994 08:23:20 GMT  
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