Parsing Frame MIF with perl 
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 Parsing Frame MIF with perl

I have written a couple of little ad-hoc filters that process
the output of a FrameMaker document in MIF (Maker Interchange
Format).  However, before writing the third one I was wondering
if anyone had written a "MIF parser" of some sort.

MIF looks like <Tag Body> where Body can be another tagged
thing or a list of strings.  Frame's convention for writting
this is to put any <> that has a Body that is a <> with just
the tag on the line:
                <Foo "bar" 1.0 bog>
                <www "biddle">
        > #End T1
(# to EOL is comment).

The last two time I needed to parse stuff I could get away with
line at a time parsing with minimal state saved.  Now I need to have
a lot of state and multiline bits to pull apart.

So has anyone done this already?  If not, does anyone see a natural
mapping from the <Tag <tag body>> form to a Perl data structure?
David A. Kuder              Looking for enough time to get past patchlevel 1

Tue, 17 Aug 1993 05:19:41 GMT  
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