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 Indexing Tools or Information

Does anyone have any English language text analysis programs written in
Perl?  I'm going to be building a modest indexing tool, and as a part of
it's functionality, I thought it would be fun to include a smart permuter to
recognize phraases and clauses that represent meaningful breaking points. I
don't suppose I'll have the time to make it robust enough to avoid
constructions like "States of America, United", however.

If you have such a beast in subroutine form already to send my phrases
down to, or if you know of a bigger program that has some pieces I can steal
(like diction or style I suppose), I'd be deadly grateful. If not, it seems
worthwhile enough a project to invest time in.

If nothing else, I'd be interested in reading about indexing - will it ever
be possible to really automate this important function? What rules will
computers use to discern that "Anaesthetics of tomorrow, local" is ok, while
"States of America, United" is not? If you know of any good books or
articles on these or similar topics, I'd be interested in learning of them.

Thanks -- I can't get over how this group keeps growing beyond me!
Just when I start understanding some of the answers, a whole new group of
computer scientists, language theorists or semanticist-theologians discover
perl, and I start all over again, not understanding the questions. I guess
I am doomed to be a perpetual neophyte.

The fancy is indeed no other than a mode of memory emancipated from
the order of space and time.       -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Sun, 06 Feb 1994 14:49:57 GMT  
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