Need tree indexing tool 
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 Need tree indexing tool

I remember seeing a package posted to the net that allowed you to add
information files to directories in a tree in order to create a
index of its contents. I can not remember the name of this package.
Can anyone help?

Basically I would like to be able to maintain a *very* descriptive
database on all files in our /usr/local tree except trivial things like
manual pages, include files, etc.

I am up to writing this myself in perl since it does not seem too
difficult but I am sure many people have done this already. BTW, something
in Perl would be nice.



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Tue, 14 Feb 1995 06:19:48 GMT  
 Need tree indexing tool

>Basically I would like to be able to maintain a *very* descriptive
>database on all files in our /usr/local tree except trivial things like
>manual pages, include files, etc.

I find my method extremely flexible and you dont need any program to do
this.  We have over 1000 locally installed programs on our system and yet
there is no problem managing them.

The trick is to use symbolic link.  I know, pointer is a sin, but when used
properly the indirection provides unexpected power.  Basically you have one
directory (lets call it 'pkg' here) contains all the local installed package
in a sub-directory.  For example,
                /pkg/README             -- describe each package

Then, you create symbolic link to your binary directory, e.g.,
        ln -s /pkg/ghostview-1.2/ghostview /usr/local/bin
        ln -s /pkg/ghostview-1.2/ /usr/man/manl/ghostview.l

A cron job will find all the symbolic links and put the contents in a file.
If I installed a new version of ghostview, say version 1.3. All I have to
do is to change the pointer:
        grep ghostview-1.2 symbolic.log | relink s/1.2/1.3/

This allows you to back out more than 1 version which typical make install
cant provide.  (I think it is critical to be able to backup to a working
version when new version failed.)  It also has a good advantage: by just
doing a 'ls' you will know what version of program you are running or is
the manual match the program.  Since most of the package should have man
page in its own sub-directory, the only file you might want to edit manually
is the README file which can briefly describe each package.

Now the hardest one: convience all the programmers to adopt this method
so we dont have to modify every makefile for make install.

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Tue, 14 Feb 1995 14:19:40 GMT  
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