Encryption with perl. 
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 Encryption with perl.

I am looking for a freeware source code/library/anything, that would
allow me to use PGP style(or something similiar) encryption in my CGI

My problem is the following:
1) Data arrives through a secure HTTP connection to my script.
        btw - is there anything special I need to do? Or will normal "POST"
style reading
            of data will do?
2) My script, encrypts it with my 1024 bit public key(or something as
secure), and sends
it to me by e-mail(the data, not the key). My delphi program, decrypts it,
and creates an HTML report, using the data.

Ok, I know how do this without any encryption/security. But how do I use
SSL, and where do I get (preferably freeware) perl encryption?(any RSA style
encryption will do)

I am not naive, just open-minded.

Sat, 12 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Encryption with perl.

>  But how do I use SSL

SSL is totally handles by your webserver. The documentation
for your webserver will tell you how to enable SSL (using
the certificates etc ) or maybe it is already SSL enabled.
You just need to add https:// instead of http:// to access
your CGI script.

> , and where do I get (preferably freeware) perl encryption?(any RSA style
> encryption will do)

A quick search on all CPAN modules showed me that
there are some modules available for PGP style

 Mail::IspMailGate::Filter::PGP - Encrypt and decrypt mails with PGP
 MIME::Decoder::PGP - decode a "radix-64" PGP stream

You might find one that closely matches your requirements.

Sat, 12 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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