Better ways to deal with yppasswd? 
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 Better ways to deal with yppasswd?

I want to obtain the name of the person using a script I'm writing.  
Unfortunately, our passwd file is only on 1 of our machines (the
ypmaster) and therefore not directly accessable if a person is not
actually logged into that machine.  This eliminates the use of such
wonderful functions as getpwnam(), getpwuid(), and getpwent().

To overcome this situation, I loaded the passwd file into an assoc. array
by assigning the array to a system call to ypcat the passwd file:

        %passwd_entry = `ypcat passwd`;

Then, in order to sort on uid i created the following loop:

        foreach (%passwd_entry) {

         ($login,$passwd,$uid,$gid,$gcos,$home,$shell) = split(/:/);
         ($name,$office,$phone,$junk) = split (/,/,$gcos);
         $uid_list{$uid} .= $name;


I can then access the users name via $uid_list{$<}.

Is there an easier way to do this?  I can't find anything anywhere
relating to ypservers or ypserved files.  Did I miss something somewhere
in the Camel, ref pages, man pages, etc?

Thanks in advance,

Wed, 30 Jul 1997 06:14:04 GMT  
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