redirecting stderr and stdout 
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 redirecting stderr and stdout

I'm writing a client-server application in Perl, but have run into a
problem and am hoping that someone can assist me.  

I have a client program,, which is a perl script that sends
its command line arguments to a server (after massaging them a bit),
and prints responses to stdout and stderr.  This works great.

To support sites that cannot run, I will provide a port on
my system for remote sites to telnet into.  Each line of input from
that port will be run through on my system and the resulting
stdout and stderr sent back to the remote user through the socket.  My
plan for this is to write another shell script,, which is
a wrapper around  

I'm having trouble writing, specifically with redirecting
i/o.  I have tried using

        ## lots of setup omitted here.  NET is the network stream.

        $result = eval `cat`;

        print NSTR "\n";

But this gives only long output line, instead of many strings, which
is bad when telnetting from a VMS system.  (the lines are separated by
LF with no CR.)

Another attempt was

        $result = &client_command(NET,NET,&shellwords);

where client_command is the only significant line in  The
first two arguments are the streams for STDOUT and STDERR, and the
output commands in client_command use the streams passed as those
args.  But this doesn't work well, because client_command runs "die"
frequently, and that writes its output to STDERR, not NET, and there
doesn't seem to be a way to change that.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about writing this
telnet handler?  


Mike Rose

Sun, 08 Oct 1995 22:53:13 GMT  
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