perl+socks+udprelay fails 
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 perl+socks+udprelay fails


        I use a lot of perl scripts as cgi bins for our internal web
server. Between the Internet and our internal network there is a firewall
machine. Therefore, I SOCKified perl (on Solaris2.3) to be able to pass
the firewall (it works fine :-). But, that's only half of the tail (TCP).
The other half is UDP (e.g. perl_archie) which is NOT supported within
SOCKS. Therefore, I needed another package called udprelay-0.2.
I recompiled perl and mapped sendto and recvfrom to the udprelay versions.
Then, the problems start... The Rsendto works and Rrecvfrom gets something
backs, but then perl core dumps...

So far the tail, now the question: can it be done, and if yes, how?

Furthermore, socfified perl with udprelay included also starts behaving wrong
with tcp connections - I believe it jumps into Rrecvfrom instead of Raccept to
give just an example.
I can give you much more details, but lets start with this general question

Thanks in advance (and could you mail me - I'll summarize afterwards).

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Fri, 02 May 1997 23:33:42 GMT  
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