MSDOS perl: Can't create pipe: Out of memory 
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 MSDOS perl: Can't create pipe: Out of memory


> My intention is to find out how actually opening a pipe is carried out on a
> PC using MSDOS. Where does the program perl.exe attempt to write the
> temporary file corresponding to the pipe?

     Writing the temporary file has absolutely nothing to do with the
error message mentioned in the subject line.  If you are really getting
the message, "Out of memory", when trying to pipe data to/from a program
under MSDOS, then you are really running out of memory.

     In order to pipe data to/from a program, this program must, at some
point be executed.  If you do not have enough remaining low memory to
run that program, you will get that error message.

     -- Darryl Okahata

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Sun, 30 Mar 1997 14:36:58 GMT  
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