Problem Building Perl5 on HP-UX 
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 Problem Building Perl5 on HP-UX

We have managed to successfully build perl5 on an HP 800 series E25 box,
running HP-UX A.09.04, using all defaults as provided in the LUCS
distribution except hostname, but are getting the following output
from #make test:
base/lex.......Failed on test 0
*** Error code 2 (ignored)

Running the test manually in the t directory with #../perl base/lex gives:
Floating exception (core dumped)

I changed the name of this test file, and reran; all other tests except
the following are ok:
/lib/anydbm.....FAILED on test 0
/lib/ndbm.......FAILED on test 0
/lib/odbm.......FAILED on test 0

Upon checking the Configure output, I see that the optional shared
library -lndbm was not found.
Any ideas/suggestions on why these four tests would fail, and should
we be worried about it? (Our production scripts appear to run properly.)

Ted Wolf

Wed, 16 Apr 1997 09:26:24 GMT  
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