contractors-peer needs your non-tool opinion 
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 contractors-peer needs your non-tool opinion

Hi people,

Thanks for your time.  I am trying to get some opinions folks,
and wanted to post this where working people who contract or try
to contract would see it, which means in the tools groups, and
decided to start with ones I am most interested in.

I am a contractor in Portland, trying to go independent.  I have
found that being an independent contractor is almost an oxymoron
and I was curious if any of you all had the same impression.  I
decided to do a little investigation and take all of your responses
and see if I can't get a feel for how we all are doing.

If you have time can you email me with your opinions on the following.
I will take the effort and will post the results on my site
at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .  Again, thanks for time.

How long have you contracted?  
Are you employed by a consulting company or are you independent?
Do you feel your company makes too much, too little, or just right
in proportion to what you make?  
What are some of the problems you have had with companies as a
contractor ( you don't have to mention company names).
So, tell me how you handle the infamous "Oh no, it's illegal to
have two companies submitting the same resume."

This is legit - I really want to find if there are others out
there are frustrated as I am.

Thanks again for time

Shelley Powers      


Tue, 24 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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