need DBM help desperately! 
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 need DBM help desperately!

I had a working web application running on a redhat 6 (hedwig) server, using
dbmopen to create and manipulate disk-based hashes.

Because the server was hacked, I had to reinstall the operating system and
used it as an occasion to upgrade to redhat 7.2 (enigma).

I did not have an opportunity to to copy the contents of the DBM files to
flat files, and now I'm unable to access the data in those files.  The
default installation perl was creating DBM files with "db" file extensions,
so it doesn't see my original files at all.

I've tried a bunch of different DBM packages using tie with no luck.  I'm
think I may have to try installing an earlier version of redhat to a
different machine and seeing if I can get access that way.

Does anyone know what kind of DBM files I might have (since they have no
file extension and are single files, rather than pairs)?

Any help will be appreciated!


Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:30:42 GMT  
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